Lightning protection systems

IMSAT-CUADRIPOL SA company, with its broad experience in the electric installations field:

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Lightning protection systems based on lightning arresters with primer device (PDA), type PEVECTRON 2, produced by INDELEC France

The primer device lightning arrester (PDA) is a development of the simple rod lightning arrester, and makes use of the latest advances in the lightning protection field
According to the I20-2000 normative, a PDA lightning protection installation is composed of:

  • A PDA type PEVECTRON 2, mounted on a metal pole
  • One or two lowering conductors, for grounding the PDA
  • One or two ground outlets to manage and disperse the lightning currents

    IMSAT-CUADRIPOL SA can execute the entire protection system or just parts of its components, as such:
  • Delivery equipment (PEVECTRON, galvanized steel pole, tinned copper flat bar 30x2 mm, separation boxes, cast iron or PVC vizitation boxes, grounding poles Zn, clamps and distancing)
  • Grounding outlet execution with measuring electrodes for grounding outlets
  • Installation of digital meters for lightning strikes
  • Periodic checks of the lightning arresters