Building Management System - BMS

The current concept of intelligent building is the result of a continuous evolution towards reaching certain objectives, such as: more safety, more comfort, a better resource building administration.

BMS is a modulary system which is based on a rapid and efficient information exchange between various concerned components and devices.

The system represents an assembly of equipments intended for automated control, centralized and local surveillance of the various subsystems that equip the building.

BMS is an automation system for buildings that need to function automatically, without permanent human intervention.

The computers on which the BMS software is deployed have two major roles: the first is to ensure a fast communication between the automation system and the human operator, and the second is to store the database.

The BMS system has three functional levels: field equipment level, controller level and communication level (webservers, dedicated software)


Building ensembles (malls, university campuses, etc);

Office spaces, banks, company headquarters, hospitals;

Heating systems;

Clean room systems (medicinal plants, etc);

Ventilation, heating, air conditioning systems for industrial platforms, etc.


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